Our Premium Account with Signature Card is intended to meet your individual requirements. We comprehend the significance of putting something aside for the future, for you and your friends and family. That is the reason, MY FUND Bank Premium Account offers an industry-wellbeing paces of up to 40%. Along these lines, you can save more, accomplish more, and make every second count.

This is simply minuting away on the grounds that you can open an investment account online in minutes with astounding advantages. A portion of the many highlights and advantages incorporate cashback offer on initiation, higher POS cutoff points, free and limitless ATM exchanges, and different advantages. Open an investment account online with MY FUND Bank today and begin procuring more on your reserve funds.


  • Citizens/ Nationalities of any Country
  • Passport Holder of any Nationality
  • Non – Residents holding Residence

  • Any two of These
  • Proof of Identity issued by Government authority
  • Proof of Address issues by Government authority
  • Resident Cards
  • Utility Bill
  • Existing Bank Statement
  • Valid Driving License
  • Passport Sized Photograph
  • Premium Account Income Dashboard

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I as of late opened a Savings Account with MY FUND Bank, and I should disclose to you that I'm truly content with the highlights and advantages offered by the investment account. The net banking administrations are stopped development which make the interaction simple. Additionally, the MY FUND Bank workers are sincere and supportive, making the general experience a lovely one.